Healthcare pest control service

hospital pest control

A seamless blend into the hospital system is key.

Healthcare facilities are challenging for pest control because they have living quarters, food preparation and service areas, as well as retail space, including flower shops, laundry and common areas. They also have a strict need for pest control without airborne pesticides in patient areas and operating rooms.

Professionals in this industry need pest control that is responsive and effective from a provider who can blend seamlessly into the facility’s in-house team. Healthcare facilities look for a pest control provider to anticipate and prevent problems – focusing on prevention rather than a cure. They view the hospital’s patients, medical personnel and staff as their customers, and they want their provider to work with the in-house team to keep the customers satisfied.

hospital pest control Process

When you choose Orkin, you won’t get a random process, but We’ll start with a comprehensive, perfect on-site inspection and design your Healthcare Precision Protection™ program to meet your facility needs Compatible with AIM program , and we use our huge experience like in comment bed bugs or flies in hospitals problems 

We also offer hospital disinfection services

Reasons to choose Orkin for Healthcare pest control

  • Confidence: Every day more companies rely on Orkin  for pest control.
  • Knowledge: Few experts know as much about pests and their control as the experts at Orkin , and we are willing to share our experience and training with you.
  • Reliability: Program services, when you need them, with the most skilled professional pest control on the market, who will perform the job properly.
  • Commercial Services for health care : In the commercial sector, pest control faces different types of challenges. For this reason, our products and services are specially adapted for each type of healthcare facility .

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