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best way to kill ants
in some industries one ant could be a problem , it cause a lot of damage specially food industries factories and restaurants, in orkin Egypt Ants control service we provide best necessary solutions based on your facility needs , based on how much we know what are we facing , Here is some information could help us .


ants are professionals  Adult ants are one of three different colony castes; queens, workers or males. Queens are fertile females that lay all the eggs in a colony. Workers are females that do not reproduce, but designed  to gather food; feed the larvae; and maintain and clean the nest. Workers are wingless, and it is the worker stage that is seen foraging around for food or defending the colony from intruders. The male ants are winged, but their only job is to mate with the queens during the swarming process as along as thay need .


to get rid of ants you must know them habits . 
Ants inside your homes or apartment can be a seasonal or year-round problem, although thay are afraid of fire , you can’t use it in treatment  Many ant species build their nests outdoors, and become a nuisance when they forage for food inside your home. Once they discover a good organic food source, they may continue to come inside, collect their food and leave to take the them meals back to their outdoor colony . 
However, other ant species enter the interior of the building, build their nest inside collect many resources and become permanent indoor residents. Some of the more common ant species that may invade and choose to reside inside are pavement ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, thief ant, acrobat ants and pharaoh ant. Any of these ants can be challenging to control, but the pharaoh ant is known as one of the most, if not the most, difficult indoor ant to control.
Inside ants may be found near their target  food sources, moisture and in hidden, protected places like wall voids, under appliances, behind window frames ,plants, garden, garbage  and beneath floors . Ants are commensal pests, meaning they like to live close to people and eat some of the same things we do – sweets, meats, starches and liquids witch is perfect if you have the right bait

Defense and the best way to get rid of ants

  • Best way to get rid of ants is by Making your house as unwelcoming to ants as possible specially in Restaurant an food processing industries  . If the ants can’t find readily available food and water sources, they will be less likely to try to come in. Any type of food or food particles can attract ants.
  • To get rid of ants, Store food, especially pet food, in tight containers. Wipe down your counters and floors frequently.
  • Most do-it-yourself ant control approaches kill ants only that you see. Some truly effective treatments can penetrate and destroy nests to help prevent these pests from returning. Also, home remedies don’t account for the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments.

A pest control professional should be contacted for assistance, and we will choose the best way to kill ants that suits your business .


we identify the type of ants and then using all kind of ways , methods and killer products that affect on ant like ( spray – set baits – exterminator – insecticides and other toxic insecticide ….etc )
A pest control professional services program should be contacted for assistance, and we will choose the best way to treat ant that suits your business .

How to kill an ant colony ?

here is one of the most valuable tips that insect often lives by distributing sustenance among themselves like a family , which makes the task of baiting easy cited often near the colony .

what is the best pest control for all types of ants ?

the solution is simple , by orkin

how do i permanently get rid of ants in house ?

Ant and pest controlling is a continuous process. Ants cannot be eliminated forever, but their attacks can be reduced to be rare and keep them away , and stop them for a wile

take a big step toward pest control , reduce the damage and protect your property


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