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Bed Bugs makes a lot of problems for some industries like  hospitality industries and hospitals  , in orkin we give pest solution in Bed Bugs control service based on our 120 years of experience , and your business requirements,  if you are looking for bed bug treatment then you are in the right place , here is what you should know to prevent Bed Bugs from getting into your company.


Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5 mm long or the size of an apple seed. They are normally swollen and reddish after a blood meal.


to kill Bed bugs you should know them habits .

bug bites is only to feed on blood . Under cool conditions, bed bugs have been able to survive up to a year without a meal. They prefer to be more active at night when the host is asleep.

Bed bugs are found in cracks and crevices, including mattress seams, sheets, furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames. Often found in hotels, where they can travel from room to room and in visitors’ luggage or other personal belongings such as purses and briefcases.

Defense and bed bug treatment

bed bug exterminator isn’t your First choice , to get rid of bed bug infestation : –

  •   Remove all clutter from your home, which makes finding bed bugs easier.
  • Wash and dry your bed linens on the hottest temperature permitted.
  • Closely inspect any second-hand furniture before bringing it in your home.
  • Inspect your home after moving, trips, service calls or overnight guests

A pest control professional should be contacted for assistance, and we will choose the best way to bed bug treatment that suits your business .

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