How to Control bed bugs - with the largest pest control company in the world

Bed bugs are considered one of the most dangerous insects that may infect a commercial or industrial Facility (hotel - hospital - clinic - factory .... etc.) because it is one of the most dangerous insects that cause the appearance of inflamed spots on the skin, often with a point Darker in the middle, itchy, and causes rashes.

The danger of bed bugs to your commercial or industrial activity

1 - Annoy your customers, and reduce your profits

2- Bed bugs affect the reputation of your business

3- You are subject to fines due to the poor quality of your service

4- May lead to disease transmission

5 - rapid multiplication and spread

6 - and more

Reasons for the spread of bedbugs?

1 - transmitted through clothes - bags - covers

2- It spreads in several other places, such as carpets and wall whites

3- It moves easily between the same floor or several floors, especially in the facilities that depend on the hospitality in the service such as (hotels - hospitals - mattress and blanket factories .... etc.)

How to get rid of bedbugs permanently

  • Wash sheets in hot water and expose them to the sun
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean
  • Bed bugs are among the insects that cannot be eliminated on your own, so you must resort to a specialized control company, Orkin is the largest bed bug control company in the world

Why Orkin in the service of eliminating bed bugs?

  • Experience since 1901 in pest and rodent control
  • Over 2.5 million satisfied customers worldwide
  • It uses the best Pest control methods and works on the IPM system, the best control system in the world
  • It uses its own pesticides, which they guarantee, and they work very efficiently and effectively
  • - Protection all year round, 24/7

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