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To protect your products and facilities from the danger of rodents and insects, Orkin Egypt (the largest pest control company in the world with 900 branches in 70 countries) offers you the safest solutions in the control of rodents and insects according to the latest global updates, the IPM system is the best insect control system for companies and institutions in the world and to preserve products from pollution, especially in commercial or industrial food companies because they need comprehensive pest control without affecting foodstuffs or raw materials.

What is IPM - integrated pest management?


 The system mainly depends on different control methods and resorts to chemical methods only when needed. Orkin is considered one of the best companies applying the IPM system with more than 120 years of experience in controlling insects and rodents, and these methods are:


 Biological control:

  It is considered one of the least harmful methods, and the least used, and this method depends on providing the largest predator for existing pests such as cats for mice.

 Behavioral control:

It is considered one of the most important and first methods when implementing a comprehensive control system in any institution and depends on eliminating the causes of insects and rodents in the first place, such as (correct and continuous hygiene - safe disposal of garbage and waste food .... the).

Orkin provides For them clients with comprehensive training to explain and apply safe control methods.


Physical control

 It is also considered one of the most widely used methods, which is the use of different types of traps to eliminate various pests, whether crawling, flying, or rodents.

 Chemical control

 It is considered one of the most essential methods because it is effective and fast, and is based on scientific foundations and fixed chemical concentrations that are not less than or more than a specific limit. Orkin is considered one of the best companies in using chemical methods, because of the experience of its engineers and their application of global concentrations of chemicals, and because it uses effective American-made pesticides.

Orkin Do not only sprays pesticides and eliminates insects and rodents immediately but also prevents pests from entering the facility again by preventing the sources of insects entering the facility through a comprehensive inspection visit to the institution and finding places of entry and closing the facility pests, and eliminating the reasons for attracting insects and rodents to the facility.

 Attractors of insects and rodents for the facility, and how to combat rodents and insects in a safe and fast way.


 1- Water sources, by (drying ponds and water spots that attract insects, and eliminate sources of water leakage).

 2- Sources of food (by reducing food waste, and providing safe disposal of garbage and food waste).

 3 - Shelter (by closing the gaps that insects and rodents take as shelter inside the facility).

 4 - Temperature and humidity (by adjusting the facility’s temperature to be unsuitable for pests, especially for stored food, and placing traps in places with moisture that attract insects).

 Why rely on Orkin as a rodent and insect control in Egypt?


 1 - Experience since 1901.

 2- Specialized in controlling insects and rodents in companies, commercial or industrial establishments, not homes.

 3- It combats all kinds of rodents and insects (mice - flies - mosquitoes - ants - cockroaches - Bedbugs - spiders - termites ............ etc.).

 4 - Comprehensive coverage of all governorates of Egypt.

 5- It is considered the largest pest control company in the world, and the most experienced.

 6- Fast and safe service.

 7 - An Online reporting system for each client to follow up on the development in the control process, the materials used, and the dates of visits at any time.

 8 - Provides a free visit to examine the facility, and identify weaknesses that cause pests to enter the facility

 9 - engineers with the highest level of training and professionalism.

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