How to get rid of ants and the best ways to prevent ants in your commercial or industrial facilities

 You can find ants' infestation in thousands which makes getting rid of this large number of ants difficult so in this article we talk about how to get rid of ants until there's no activity or infestation of ants inside your facility.

Ants are among the pests that are often found in the summer season, it searches in facilities and places for food, proper temperature, water, and harborage

Ants are social insects that live inside colonies and ants go out to search for food. Ant's colony consists of queens, workers, and males; queens lay eggs inside the colony, worker ants go out to search for food or to protect the colony from intruders, and the males mate with queens during the swarming process.

During swarming, swarms of male and winged female ants leave for mating then females can become a queen for their private colony, it lays eggs in the colony, and over time eggs grow to become worker ants.

Reasons for ants' appearance in facilities:

Some types of ants get attracted to damp places, other types get attracted to wood and usually worker ants go out of the colony to search for food. Leftovers and food from the reasons for ants' appearance in facilities.

Leftovers neglected or exposed food and damp places from primary attractants of ants in facilities. Ants feed on fruits, sugary food, leaves, insects, and wood.

Problems caused by the presence of ants in the place

Health Risks: for example, pharaoh ants carry dangerous salmonella bacteria, and fire ants sting those who approach them which may cause severe sensitivity for some individuals, and fire ants stings are fatal to some.

- Damage to Property: for example, carpenter ants may cause great harm to wooden furniture. 

One of the reasons that cause difficulty in facing ants for most individuals is controlling ants with the same ways of controlling cockroaches. 

And it is a common problem because ants and cockroaches are two completely different types of pests and must be controlled in different ways.

We at Orkin Egypt follow an integrated pest management (IPM) system.

Integrated pest management is a system that depends on the use of all appropriate technology and management practices to achieve pest prevention and suppress it in a cost-effective and environmental manner.

And this system includes four strategies:

  1. Biological
  2. Behavioral/cultural
  3. Physical/mechanical
  4. Chemical


How to get rid of ants by following an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system?

1 - Biological

by using the larger predator for the pest like cats for rodents

 2 - Behavioral Control:

  • Getting rid of garbage periodically because ants are attracted and gather in trash containers.
  • Storing food like sweets and sugars in airtight containers so ants cannot reach it.
  • Maintain cleaning constantly until there is no food leftovers or crumbs for ants to gather on.

3- Physical Control:

Sealing openings and cracks (ant entrances) which enter from to the place and search for food.

4- Chemical Control:

Using baits and pesticides with following all safety instructions of chemical control for ants.

How to get rid of ants completely:

- Search for the source: most of the ants' sources are outside and pharaoh ants are the most common type that lives in the internal colony the rest of the ant types move inside when the weather is too cold or too hot or too damp or too dry. 

- Repair the conditions that prepare the place for the activity of ants like food, water, cracks, and openings.

- The ant colony must be eliminated. Inside each colony, there is the queen that produces eggs, working ants, and males. Worker ants search for food outside the colony and bring food to the colony so baits can be used with following all safety instructions. Worker ants transfer the baits inside the colony and they get eliminated. 

- Use pesticides if needed by following all safety instructions.

In this article, we talked about how to get rid of ants using behavioral, physical, and chemical control from integrated pest management. If you face an ant problem you should contact a pest control professional for assistance, call us now and get ants to control.

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