IPM - Integrated Pest Management in Orkin Egypt

What does IPM mean?

IPM stands for (Integrated Pest Management) it is the effective approach for pest management, it’s an environmentally effective system, and this is what we use in Orkin Egypt pest control company, IPM is based on pest’s life cycle information to use in the best economical/environmental way, to avoid harmful effects on the facility, people and environment.

What are IPM control methods?

1 - Biological control

It means using the natural predators for targeted pests to control it like using cats to control rats and so on.

2 - Cultural control

This way depends on using best practices to reduce pests or prevent them from coming in the first place such as changing people habits and eliminating and get rid of leftovers in a correct manner, these practices stop pests from gathering in your facility.

3 - Physical and mechanical control

This method kills pests like traps for rodents and all kinds of rats, also to close all holes that pests take it as shelters and as the entryway to your facility, and use barriers to keep pests out the facility

4 - Chemical control

This is the last method to use to control pests because sometimes it could cause harmful damage for food especially in food industries it might be the best effective way but the IPM system trying to reduce it to reduce its harmful effect and use it only when needed.

How IPM works?

IPM is considered the best pest control system in the world, in order to use it, you have to follow certain roles and steps, and these steps are: -

- Action thresholds

In IPM we define and select suitable action thresholds for pest control, where we consider pest populations and condition of the environment and when to consider pest is a critical situation

- pests inspection

In this step, we identify pests and monitor it's activity, cause not all pests are harmful to your products, and then we define the best way to control pests, and not to use the wrong kind of pesticide (( if we have to use it ))

- Prevention

Our role doesn't end when we get rid of all harmful pests, but we take our precautions to prevent pests from coming again such as cleaning methods and changing all bad habits that help pests gathering.

- Control

After identifying the pests and working on the best pest control and prevention methods the IPM system evaluate the best ways of control by risks and efficiency, we chose the less risky and harmful methods such as pheromones to reduce and disrupt pests mating, and if it doesn't work, we choose other more effective methods such as spraying.

Why do we use The Integrated Pest Management system in pest control!?

It’s effective, safe, protect nature and environment and professional, and this is why we use IPM Pest control in Orkin Egypt

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