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Although spraying insects is not the main method that Orkin relies on to get rid of insects and pest control, Orkin company is considered the best insect spray company because of its experience since 1901 , that is, more than 120 years in pest control, and therefore Orkin uses special pesticides It is (safe and fast pesticides) and 100% guaranteed.

Effect of pests and insects on the profits of your organization?

  • Financial loss from eating products and spoiling them by insects

  • The problem of transmitting diseases to customers and that affecting the reputation of the facility, some insects such as cockroaches are transmitted to nearly 50 types of disease-causing bacteria

  • The effect on the reputation of the establishment, the appearance of insects in the establishment indicates the establishment's lack of interest in cleanliness, and thus affects the image of the place.

  • Some insects that are directly exposed to blood affect the lives of individuals greatly, and some insecticides may not make any effect in using them.

  • There are some pesticides that are less effective with continuous use, regardless of pesticides used by individuals themselves, which are not authorized, and are harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, it is considered the best way to control insects, is to communicate with a company specialized in pest control such as Orkin Company, the largest insect control company Workshops in Egypt and the world.

Other methods used by Orkin to get rid of insects In IPM

((Biological pest control)):-

It is about placing the largest predator in the institution to get rid of the pest and it is considered one of the least used methods and methods and is used in certain and specific types of facilities, for example, using cats for mice.

((Cultural Pest Control)) :-

It is about modifying the behavior of employees in the institution to reduce the attraction of insects and pests to your organization such as (disposal of garbage and its places, continuous cleaning and chemicals used in cleaning ………..etc)

((Physical control of flying and crawling insects and rodents)):

- It is about repelling pests away from the establishment, such as (by combating barriers - we use Orkin traps - closing holes and cracks …..etc)

((Chemical control and spraying)): -

It is considered one of the last methods that Orkin resorts to in getting rid of pests. Despite this, it is an effective and safe method because Orkin uses the strongest pesticides, baits, sprays and its own approved safe tools. , with high quality equipment and chemicals

Why Orkin Company is the best pest control company to resort to?


  • Orkin relies on its own pesticides, baits, and safety tools.

  • Experience in the field of pest control for more than 120 years, since 1901.

  • The largest global company, it is a global company with more than 600 branches worldwide.

  • A company whose services cover the entirety of Egypt and we provide extermination services in all its Cities .

  • It has pest control services and spraying for more than 2 million customers worldwide.

  • It works on the best pest control system in the world (IPM - or Integrated Pest Management System), and it has many ways to control and eliminate insects

  • It cares and provides the best pest control services for all kinds of flying and crawling insects and rodents (ants - bed bugs - termites - cockroaches - mice - flies - mosquitoes - spiders .... etc.) in all commercial establishments of all kinds, not homes.

  • We have our own work team specialized at the highest level of training and professionalism in controlling and spraying pests and eliminating them completely.

  • One of the advantages of Orkin is that, in the event of any new insect appearing, the customer calls the emergency services for pest control from Orkin to deal with the pest as soon as possible

((Why does your organization get infected with pests and insects))?!

There are 4 ((basic pest needs)) If most or all of them are available, your organization will become an ideal habitat for insects and pests, such as: -

The need for water: Insects and pests obtain water through water leakage from pipes and stagnant water in your facility

The need for food: pests obtain it from the garbage of your establishment or waste and excess food, especially in restaurants and food establishments

The need for heat: some pests live at a certain temperature

The need for shelter: It is represented in cracks, burrows, and dark, damp places

Orkin use the way of spraying the facility and exterminating the establishment’s insects after making sure that other methods of control are insufficient, and pesticides are the last Choice , especially in restaurants and food establishments.

With pests in the place, the environment will not be healthy and safe for humans, animals and children, so Orkin guarantees a safe environment for you, your employees or your customers because they carry germs and spread diseases, especially cockroaches and flies.

Get the annoying and harmful pest control service from Orkin Egypt for your facility and all kinds of commercial or industrial Facilities now

- We provide the process of controlling insects and rodents, which is carried out easily and quickly in the least time without any damage and without smell.

goodbye to insects, mice, termites, cockroaches ... etc.), with the best and fastest service among the companies in Egypt

We also provide a facility Disinfection service to eliminate the spread of diseases

Learn more about the pest and rodent control and Disinfection service now, and get a free evaluation visit and price offer for your commercial or industrial activity

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