The best ways to prevent insects and rodents within your commercial or industrial facility

To prevent insects from entering or spreading inside your facility, you have to be attentive to them, because it causes nuisance and problems such as contamination and damage to products, insects carry bacteria that cause many diseases so, in this article, we show some methods of insects prevention to prevent insects that can spread inside your facility.

Best Insects prevention methods

1- Maintain cleanliness constantly. You should remove any spills as soon as they occur because insects are attracted to these spills quickly.

2- Regularly dispose of garbage and keep garbage bins closed so that insects are not attracted to them.

3- Removing stagnant water and treating leaks and moisture because it is an attractive source for insects, and mosquitoes multiply and lay eggs in stagnant water.

4- Not leaving food residues because insects such as ants are quickly attracted to food residues, and insects such as flying insects are also attracted to neglected or exposed food in the winter and summer seasons.

5- Examining cracks in your facility and sealing them is one of the ways to prevent insects because it is an attractive source for pests where insects such as cockroaches and mosquitoes hide.

6- Close the openings leading to the entry of pests, such as installing mesh screens on windows and installing a rubber barrier under doors to prevent insects from entering, such as crawling insects and flying insects.

7- Close drains from which insects come, like some types of cockroaches.

8- Installing yellow lights outside the building, as it is less attractive to flying insects such as mosquitoes.

9- Storing food in restaurants, for example, in airtight containers, so that it is not an attractive source of insects.

10- Exposing the bed linen to the sun to prevent bed bugs.

Prevention of some types of insects:

Types of insects that can exist in your facility and need to prevent, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches.

Ant prevention:-

Maintain cleanliness from food remnants and spills, especially sweets and sugars, which ants are attracted to, and make sure that there are no cracks and holes for ants.

Bed bugs prevention:

Treating moisture, maintaining ventilation, exposing the bedding to the sun periodically, and washing at the highest permissible temperature are among the methods of preventing bed bugs.

Mosquito prevention:

Maintaining the absence of stagnant water where mosquitoes are attracted to and breed in it, and close windows with mesh screens with small holes to prevent mosquitoes from passing through to the facility.

Prevention of cockroaches:

Close drains, put mesh screens on windows, and don't leave discarded or exposed food are ways to prevent cockroaches.

In this article, we talked about insect prevention methods to prevent an insect problem or infestation in your facility. If you are facing a small insect problem, you should contact a pest control professional for assistance.

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