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Wood insects or termites, it is considered one of the most dangerous insects that may invade any commercial or industrial activity, due to their great damage, their effects on the products inside the facility and causing loss, as well as their impact on the reputation of the facility

Reasons for the presence of termites in establishments

You may completely protect your commercial establishment, close its entrances and exits well, and get termites again, the termites enter the facility through (pre-industrial raw materials - customers - employees - during building maintenance - unsecured openings in the walls .... etc.).

Therefore, you may need a Pest Control Company that is fully aware of the wood insects, and how to control them, so furniture companies and commercial and industrial facilities resort to Orkin

Wood bug damage to your facility, and the danger of termites

  • They multiply quickly and cause rapid damage
  • Financial losses from damage to your products
  • penalties and fines due to product injury
  • Damage the reputation of your establishment, and lead to the loss of your customers
  • It may lead to the complete closure of your facility's activity

Permanent termite treatment

1 - Call Orkin Immediately

2 - Separate and isolate the affected products and timber from the Good products

3 - Put the affected product in the sun or at a very low temperature

Why Orkin to Get rid of wood insects?

  • Orkin offers the best wood insecticide because Orkin uses its own pesticides, which are safe for the environment
  • It works on the IPM system, which is the best Pest Control system in the world
  • Integrated service, fast and protection throughout the year and throughout the day
  • Experience since 1901 in Insects and rodent control
  • Comprehensive coverage for all governorates of Egypt
  • Pest activity monitoring system to contain and control pests in a professional Way

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