Why Orkin is considered the best Pest Control company in Egypt?

To answer the question why Orkin is considered the best pest control company in Egypt? You should know who an Orkin is ?

 Who is Orkin?!

 Orkin is the largest pest control company in the world with more than 600 branches in 70 countries, and it is considered the oldest as it is an American company founded in 1901 in America - Walnutport , Pennsylvania, United States

Why is Orkin the best pest control company in Egypt?

Orkin's existence since 1901, means a very large experience in insects and methods of control in the world, not insects in one country, but almost all countries of the world.

- The presence of 600 branches in 70 countries, which means comprehensive coverage of almost all countries of the world, no matter where your branches are, Orkin can always serve all your branches.

- Trying to reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides to preserve the environment and commercial activity, especially in food activities, whether factories or companies, and to preserve foodstuffs inside.

Orkin uses a control system (IPM - integrated pest management system), which is the best system in the world in pest control and management, and this system aims to reduce the cost of control by preventing pests from entering the facility in the first place, and also aims to protect and preserve the environment By reducing the chemicals used in the control and resorting to (biological, behavioral and physical control before chemical).

- The Disinfection service is provided to preserve the institution's employees and customers, and to maintain the facility's activity and not to stop it.

- When any company contracts a Pest Control or Disinfection service, Orkin creates an account for this company on It's system, so that the company can follow up on the visits, what was done in them, the materials used, and also know the next steps, and the progress of the control service.

- Orkin provides its service throughout the year 24/7 to ensure that the commercial or industrial activity is free of pests throughout the year, with the provision of emergency service, in the event of the emergence of a new insect or rodent.

- Provides services to combat all types of pests (rodents or mice - all crawling insects such as cockroaches - all flying insects, flies or margins - black ants - termites - bed bugs - mosquitoes .... etc.)

Orkin's customers are now the largest brands and international companies in Egypt (food factories - pharmaceutical and cosmetics factories - companies - hospitals - universities and schools - clinics - supermarkets - retailers and clothing brands - hotels.....etc)

Join now more than 2.5 million customers with Orkin service, and prevent pests from entering your facility.

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