Your Guide To The Best Disinfection Company For Commercial, Industrial And Corporate Facilities

Recently, after the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases, resorting to Disinfection companies has become an essential thing, to reduce the spread of diseases among employees and customers, and Orkin Company is considered the best Disinfection company for commercial and industrial facilities and companies in Egypt for some reasons that we will explain in detail.

Why resort to a Disinfection company?

The difficulty of eliminating the spread of diseases by following only preventive measures, due to the spread of diseases attacking the respiratory system, so it is very difficult to control them

  • Disinfection companies use high-quality materials that are difficult to obtain for individuals easily
  • Provides effective spraying devices specialized in spreading disinfectants,
  • Basic techniques in spraying to avoid wasting spraying materials, or causing impact and damage to the environment, humans, animals, and living organisms inside the facility.

Why is Orkin Your Ideal Choice Among Disinfection Companies?

Orkin is one of the best pest control companies since 1901 with nearly 120 years of experience.

  • It works on comprehensive coverage of all cities of Egypt, and it is more than 900 branches in +70 countries, and it is considered the largest company in the world in the field of Pest control.
  • More than 2.5 million satisfied customers have been served as the result of Orkin's service in Pest control, sterilizing facilities, sterilizing companies, sterilizing factories, and sterilizing offices
  • We offer and provide a group of experienced specialists in pest control of all kinds in the service inside and outside the facilities.
  • The best disinfectants imported from the parent company in America against diseases, viruses, bacteria, and disease-causing germs, are licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health and safe for humans.
  • Provides control and Disinfection services for every facility of all kinds (commercial and industrial facilities and all government and private companies and offices), not homes
  • The company follows the latest global and scientific procedures during the Disinfection service of the facility
  • Specialized in the field and service of Pest control and disinfection for facilities only, not cleaning
  • It was able to constantly develop its equipment, tools, and systems, to keep pace with the developments and modern technology used around the world, to achieve maximum benefit and the lowest cost and prices.
  • It is considered one of the fastest companies in providing Pest Control, And Disinfection Services for companies and industrial facilities, and the Disinfection of commercial companies and government institutions.

The Importance of Orkin's Disinfection Service For Buildings And Facilities?

1 - One of the factors that reduce the spread of diseases among employees and thus reduce the factors that reduce productivity, which increase the profits of the establishment

2 - The sterile and disease-free facility makes customers feel safe, especially the facilities where a large number of people and customers come such as restaurants, supermarkets, government offices, clothing brands, hospitals, public places, hotels, companies...etc.

3 - Our company is considered one of the most important companies in providing services to preserve the health of individuals from the spread of diseases, the energy of employees and their sense of safety, and increase production, especially in light of the spread of Corona disease COVID-19.

4 - Orkin can be completely relied upon in the care of the facility and to Control other types of pests such as (rats - bed bugs - mosquitoes - ants - flies - cockroaches - termites - spiders - Coronavirus).

5- It provides what you need of high-quality disinfectants, effective against different types of diseases.

6 - It also provides the best services for extermination and control of insects and rodents, with the best tools and high-quality integrated equipment to ensure the best and fastest high-quality service

7 - A company specialized in commercial and industrial facilities and schools, and not houses, apartments, villas, palaces, or any places of residential buildings.

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